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Rental Requirements:

  • Valid driver`s license in your home country
  • Valid International Driving Permit AND Passport originals to be brought in person(unless you have a valid Japanese driver`s license)
  • At least 27 years of age
  • Knowledge and experience of operating a manual transmission vehicle (either LHD or RHD)
  • Have experience with driving in a RHD country
  • Have exposure to Japanese roads (previous rental or significant ride-along)
  • Understanding, compliance, and utmost RESPECT of Japanese courtesy and road rules
  • Must provide us with details of any additional drivers, and be willing to be transparent with any issues incurred whilst driving
  • Agree to abide by all Japanese rules and regulations
  • Accepting of a quick 5min tutorial/ride-along verification upon vehicle collection or delivery
  • We reserve the right to refuse and cancel service to individuals or groups we deem unsafe or unqualified
  • Understand that we maintain the highest quality of our rental fleet by being selective with our drivers, driving in JDM land is a privilege!

Rental options:

  • Due to the increase in price of ETC charges in Japan, all of our cars come with a valid ETC card inserted. The day rate comes with a rough 4000yen allowance for tolls. Should you exceed that amount across your rental period, we will bill you the difference along with showing proof of your excess usage. Not utilizing the allowance does not result in a refund; this service is provided for a piece of mind.
  • Navigation is not present on most of our cars. We recommend the use of google maps, set to vocal navigation assistance, as manual operation of a phone while driving is ILLEGAL in Japan.
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  • Bluetooth dongle for audio is present in most of our fleet


  • After the prescreening (or login) please select the car and dates for rental, and proceed until confirmation
  • We will reach out to you via whatsapp to set up logistics and answer any addtional questions
  • Payment can be done via paypal or credit card (paypal processed) or cash
  • Cancellations are to be addressed case by case. should the cancellation occur on the day of or within 6hrs of the previously agreed pick up time, we request 1 day of rental fee to cover any preparations and lost business
  • Should issues or accidents occur, you must contact us. The vehicle is insured to full coverage, and liability to certain limits, deductible is set at 2500USD.

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